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So I have to write a post for an interesting body copy in an ad, but the problem is advertisements nowadays only focus on the graphics and attention grabbing headlines. It is rare to see advertisements today with long body copy on it, and that is why I have to add on "vintage/old" onto the search tool to look for ad with body copy. I found so many but this is the one that caught my attention because I did not know how innocent and cute the brand was when it just started and was not that popular.

Topic: Body copy

"Now you know all about cross-training.
Now you need to know about the one shoe designed specifically for cross-training: 
The Nike Air Trainer TW. It has Nike-Hair. It's supportive. It's stable. It's washable.
Now what all that means: You can run in it. You can walk in it. You can lift weights 
in it. You can play volleyball in it. You can play tennis in it. You can ride a bike in it. 
And yes, you can even do aerobics in it.

So, you want to learn more about cross-training and nike cross-training shoes. So call toll-free:(number)NIKE (7am to 5pm Pacific Time)
So you don't have a phone, so write: Nike Consumer Relations, (address)

Type: Print ad

So if you did not read my opening sentence, I am explaining how interesting and whats the wow factor for the advertisement on top. As you can see, it is a very old old advertisement for Nike and it was when they had first launch their Nike Air edition. As I see how popular this edition now in our time now, I find this advertisement so cute and funny at the same time. Because now you don't even see any words in Nike's advertisements. The ad might just have a model or a famous person wearing it and pretend to run in it or doing squads. 

Lets start from the top, the visuals and headline is normal to me, but because it is a branded item that is why I decided to continue reading because if I were to be a big fan of Nike and didn't know what does this Nike Air can benefits me, I would definitely take the time and interest to read the body paragraph.

Firstly why do I think this is interesting is because, it is very rare to see sports shoe which can used in multiple ways in the olden days. (even now it is hard to find the suitable one to do cross-training). Cross-training was popular in the olden days and till now as well. They started of by introducing Nike Air as the shoe which is specifically designed for cross-training. Which means, it is a multipurpose sports shoe.

Secondly, it explained the consumer benefits and the product benefits together by explaining what can the shoe do one by one. I find it a little draggy but I guess that is just a way of attracting the reader to continue to read on. 

The style they put the words together is simple and it makes it easy to understand. Although they threw in different kind of sports to make the body paragraph looks longer and maybe more professional. I think it brings a little bit of humour as well, I mean you do not have to write out each and every sports in an ad right? 

The call to action on the bottom offers the phone number in a twist the style of writing was humouring as well. It added in the end "So, you don't have a phone" and so they provide the address instead. It is cute and it would leave a good long impression for people who finds it funny. 

One downfall of this ad is that the body paragraph's font is too small and the colour makes it hard to read. Honestly, I would probably just ignore the body paragraph and went straight to the store itself to know more about the shoe. 

This ad does not have a specific targeted group, that is why they came out with another Air Max collection just for the ladies. And the shoe name is called Nike Women's Air Control II. 

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