Thursday, May 19, 2016


Doing this project actually reminded me when i had my graphic design classes where I have to recreate a whole new magazine from scratch. It was the most challenging and interesting thing that I have ever did. I enjoyed it so much but in the end the whole magazine did not made it into printing because my teacher that time did not have time. So we ended up only keeping everything in Ai file.

But now in my university, I was so happy that there is a assignment where we need to create a magazine cover and a feature article. I have a hobby that I am very involved with which is Cosplay. I have been cosplaying since I was 14-years-old. That is why I have always collected a lot of Cosplay magazine but it is extra expensive in Malaysia, also everything is in Japanese.

Here is a magazine that I have recreated myself!


Here's a logo that I have design for Zoo Negara. It was actually a class activity where we recreate a new logo for Zoo Negara, Malaysia. I was not able to hand in in time (sadly) but I guess it is one of the design that I kinda like it myself so might as well share it here!

Concept and idea of the logo used:
  1. The orang utan is used as the main icon for the Logo as because the orang utan is consider one of the prime animals that we have in Malaysia.
  2. The graphic and the colours that i have chosen matches the colour of the orang utan. By using the bright orange, it is able to catch attention as because orange colour is close to the colour red.
  3. The font that I have chosen matches with the boarder as it gives an edgy “safari” kind of feeling to compliment the orang utan. As the “negara” have a floral and leafy kinda font to compliment with the forest which the orang utan lives in.
  4. I personally enjoy designing shaped and animated design that is why I create a geometrical orang utan to match with my style.


This would be an additional post just to add onto my portfolio. One of the work that I have did last few semester in university was to create an advertisement for a product. 
The product that I have chosen was the waterproof stereo boombox. The reason I have choose this product was because my dad was complaining that his speaker was spoilt because he accidentally spilt water on it, it was very random but then I thought of "why not do an advertisement on a waterproof speaker!" What weird inspiration I got from.

The design was kinda inspired by the company's original advertisement where the stereo boombox was placed at the beach near the sea. And so I recreated it but with a more graphic look. Also, please mind the typography that I have used, the comic san serif was probably the worst idea of all.... But hey, I was just playing around. 

It was all retrace from the original product. And no, this blog post was not sponsored! Do not get the wrong idea hahaha. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


This last post will conclude my final assignment that I have done for my copywriting class. This is also a very last minute and impromptu design which I have done like less then a week. 
It is not what I have expected, it could have been prettier and done more professional. I am disappointed but, of course I will learn from my mistakes and try to improve. 

So this is an advertisement for a costume customising shop. Mainly it is focused on the value proposition of what the service provides and how the customers should feel after purchasing from the shop.

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