Thursday, May 19, 2016


This would be an additional post just to add onto my portfolio. One of the work that I have did last few semester in university was to create an advertisement for a product. 
The product that I have chosen was the waterproof stereo boombox. The reason I have choose this product was because my dad was complaining that his speaker was spoilt because he accidentally spilt water on it, it was very random but then I thought of "why not do an advertisement on a waterproof speaker!" What weird inspiration I got from.

The design was kinda inspired by the company's original advertisement where the stereo boombox was placed at the beach near the sea. And so I recreated it but with a more graphic look. Also, please mind the typography that I have used, the comic san serif was probably the worst idea of all.... But hey, I was just playing around. 

It was all retrace from the original product. And no, this blog post was not sponsored! Do not get the wrong idea hahaha. 

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