Thursday, May 19, 2016


Here's a logo that I have design for Zoo Negara. It was actually a class activity where we recreate a new logo for Zoo Negara, Malaysia. I was not able to hand in in time (sadly) but I guess it is one of the design that I kinda like it myself so might as well share it here!

Concept and idea of the logo used:
  1. The orang utan is used as the main icon for the Logo as because the orang utan is consider one of the prime animals that we have in Malaysia.
  2. The graphic and the colours that i have chosen matches the colour of the orang utan. By using the bright orange, it is able to catch attention as because orange colour is close to the colour red.
  3. The font that I have chosen matches with the boarder as it gives an edgy “safari” kind of feeling to compliment the orang utan. As the “negara” have a floral and leafy kinda font to compliment with the forest which the orang utan lives in.
  4. I personally enjoy designing shaped and animated design that is why I create a geometrical orang utan to match with my style.

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