Wednesday, May 18, 2016


This last post will conclude my final assignment that I have done for my copywriting class. This is also a very last minute and impromptu design which I have done like less then a week. 
It is not what I have expected, it could have been prettier and done more professional. I am disappointed but, of course I will learn from my mistakes and try to improve. 

So this is an advertisement for a costume customising shop. Mainly it is focused on the value proposition of what the service provides and how the customers should feel after purchasing from the shop.

Play Any part With Us!

Have you dreamt of becoming a beautiful princess or a knight with shinning armours? With us, you can! Alpha Costume Service provides series for those who demands that every detail of the costumer to be perfect. And creative designs mesmerise beyond imagination! Using the best material, and fabric that is so easy to care for you'll have time to spare for fun! Designs can be based on any types of character from Disney Princesses to Anime character and even Marvel Superheroes.

Discover Alpha Costumer Services, and give us a chance to make your dreams come true. Place your order now at and claim your privilege to 40% discount. By typing in the code ALPHA. Its your special access to transform into your fantasy.

Weaving your desired costumes..

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