Monday, January 25, 2016


Topic: Interesting Layout

Type: Guerilla ad

Heres a back story on how I found this ad. Dove have always been leading a body image campaign which was called the Real Beauty Campaign. Through this campaign, they hope that they will raise awareness of how girls feel about their body and built confidence. Which is why I have always supported and follow up with their campaign because it is meaningful although they mainly targeted the girls. 

This guerrilla billboard ad campaign is called 'Girl Outdoor'. It shows a young girl peeling the billboard away to shield herself from stares by other people. This ad features a girl worried about her image. The advertisement brings a sad emotion to it because the girl in the picture does not look happy at all. 

The way they have placed the advertisement is very creative and has the potential to be very effective through its eye-catching use of the billboard medium, because it looks like the girl is really pealing the billboard away showing the empty billboard at the back. By using this physical structure of the billboard to make a point, viewers are more likely to interrupt their daily patterns such as driving and walking to pay attention to it. 

It is not only catching but I am sure that mothers who have so happened to see this billboard would remind themselves to not make their own children think the same way. It will definitely become a great reminder and people would burry this image into their head because of how they have advertise it. 

Here is some of the reason why using guerrilla ad will be more effective:

1. It would stand out more because it is different than traditional marketing messages. The ability to do something unique that can truly catches people's attention can be more effective then the ability to fund a cost and time consuming campaign that people will subconsciously ignore. 

2. Brand building to develop an edgy or hippy brand image. The act of going against tradition and the creativity of guerrilla tactics can label a company and a brand as something cool to the consumers. Which would also bring a closer relationship to the young people. 

3. It has a lasting impression. Because of the creativeness, people tend to remember the company or the brand for doing something out of the box. 

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