Monday, January 25, 2016


Topic: Unique TV/Radio Ad

Type: TV Commercial/Advertisement

This is an advertisement for Nippon Paint. Remembering Ms Jenny which is our copywriting lecturer who have gave us one homework which we have to criticise on a Nippon Paint advertisement as well, but if compare with this, I think this Nippon Paint ad is more attention grabbing in compare to the one that Ms Jenny have gave us. Because it involves with graphics and they have their mascot in it as well which is also called the Blobbies.

In the advertisement itself, it stated the product benefits which is the Nippon Paint can paint on surfaces such as roof, floor, wall, ceiling, ceramic, tile, wood, metal, glass, and even automative. They used a unique was of explaining it without doing it in one go.

With the graphics in the advertisement it will also attract more kids to watch the advertisement as well. As it is clean and simple it gave examples without needing to explain about it. In the advertisement, they have also ad in another paint which is the spray paint. Pylon Nippon Spray Paint. It is like they are advertising two types of product in one advertisement.

They ended the commercial with a hashtag paint all surfaces and with their slogan at the end of the video. They kept the video short and finished it in one minute. It might be easy to film an ad for one minute but they added a lot of graphics and animations into it which make the advertisement so special.

Here is some tips for creating an effective TV commercial:
1. Represent your brand clearly. Your brand name have to be said repeatedly so that viewers with remember what brand's advertisement they are watching. If they take out the Nippon, then people would just think that it is every other normal paint which would do the same thing as shown in the Nippon Paint advertisement.

2. Create an interesting storyline. No one would want to watch an advertisement without any humour or action to it. As interesting the storyline is, the higher chances that viewers will keep watching and remember your brand.

3. Develop a signature character or a theme. Example for Nippon Paint they have their signature character which is the Bloobies. Kids would remember them easily and there is a chance even when they grow up, they would still have an idea of who is Bloobies and what brand it came from.

4. Keep it simple. Simple, clean and understandable. Commercial that talks can bring boredom to some people and they will skip the advertisement instead of continue watching it.

5. Do not cut corners. Quality is an essential element of an effective TV as. Quality does not necessarily mean you have to empty your pockets on the production of one ad. But do utilise a professional film production team to ensure the quality of your commercial.

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